Commercial Support

We strive to make Tegola robust and easy to use, but sometimes you could use some additional help. We have an active community on GitHub that respond to questions and provide support but if your request needs immediate attention commercial support is a great option.

Mapping platforms have lots of moving pieces and the Go Spatial team has experience working on all types of deployments, both large and small. When it comes to commercial support can help with the following:

Bug fixes

Is there a bug in Tegola that needs immediate attention for your use case? Let’s move it up in priority.

Feature requests

Need support for a new database or cache back end? Have a feature request that would make tegola better for your deployment? Let’s talk it through and figure out how to best implement it alongside our current development efforts.

Configuring Tegola

Tegola configuration files are designed to be simple and easy to use, but they still provide a lot of power and customization. We can review your configuration file and provide suggestions relating to:

  • Query optimization: Are your queries properly using spatial indexes? Do you understand the nuances of multi-polygons and handling them correctly? Well tuned queries will reduce the load on your database and reduce tile latency.
  • Database design: A well-designed spatial database can help reduce database load and allow for data updates.
  • Tile optimization: Tile optimization is all about reducing the amount of information encoded in a tile. Reducing the number of points necessary for feature geometry data and limiting the number of feature tags will dramatically reduce map tile size. Optimize your tiles to match your cartographic needs to improve the downstream user experience.


Map design is both art and science and the vector tiles that Tegola produces allow for extreme cartographic flexibility. Work with our professional cartographers to develop a beautiful, custom map style that’s specific to your application needs.

Cloud deployments

Deploying to cloud infrastructure with caching layers and a scalable architecture can ensure your maps are delivered with speed and high-availablity no matter the demand.

  • Caching: A well-designed caching strategy will aid in delivering a performant map experience. Implementing CDNs, tile caches, and client-side caching strategies will help make your maps snappy for your end users.
  • Scaling: As your mapping deployments pick up momentum having a robust scaling plan is imperative. There are numerous ways to approach this problem depending on the needs of your application and available budget.

Open Street Map ETL

Looking to run your own OSM basemap? We have an intimate understanding of the Open Street Map extract, transform, load process and the associated tooling. Use our tooling to quickly get up and running and then refine the data to your needs.

Application Specific Data ETL

Application specific data is data that will be delivered in conjunction with a basemap. This data is specific to your application and is valuable to your user-base. We will help you design ETL workflows that scale, allow for data updates, minimize pressure on your database and manage the chaos of conflating disparate data sources.


Looking for us to teach you or your team how to best deploy tegola and the associated infrastructure? We can do remote sessions or on-premise training. We will cover best practices, ETL, configuration, deployment, scaling and much more.


Commercial pricing is available on request. Please inquire with


Commercial support is provided by:

Organization Support

We’re committed to building open source geospatial software and helping foster the FOSS community. If you find any of the Go Spatial tools a valuable part of your organization and would like to help support the ongoing development efforts please contact us at

Get involved

If you or your organization would like to collaborate by contributing code, documentation or by supporting users in your local area, get in touch with us at